Bearer works by monitoring API requests made from your application. Once the Bearer Agent is initialized, it will begin listening for outgoing API requests.

If you're trying out Bearer for the first time, we recommend forcing a request through part of your application. Alternatively, you can create a test call to a testing endpoint, such as Postman Echo or HTTPBin.

Once a call has been made from your application, the dashboard will display the API in the Newly detected APIs section of the APIs page.

What if I still don't see the API?

Depending on how you've configured your application, Bearer may be associated API calls with a different environment. Using the Application Selector in the top left of the dashboard, confirm that the correct environment is displayed.

Select the desired environment from the list, and check to see if the newly detected APIs are now visible. You can configure which environment your agent uses when initializing the agent, or by setting specific environment variables in your application. See the documentation for your platform's agent for more details.

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