Log Collections are a way of grouping types of logs together to make debugging easier.

Create a new Log Collection

To create a new collection, navigate to the Logs screen in the Bearer Dashboard, or click the button below.

The logs screen displays the existing Log Collections, including the preset Anomalies and Remediations collections. To create a new collection, select the Create a Collection button.

You will be taken to the Create New Log Collection Rule screen, where you can assign the collection a name, description, and designate which APIs the collection filters will target.

Next, filters must be set to capture logs. You can choose to capture logs that match any or all of the applied filters.

You can choose from a variety of filter parameters including:

  • HTTP Method
  • Status Code
  • Connection Error
  • Path
  • Parameter
  • Request Header
  • Response Header

To add an additional filter to the log collection, select the Add Filter button. All collections need at least 1 active filter.

When you are finished configuring the collection rule, select the Save button to confirm your selections. Any logs matching the rule will begin appearing on the Logs screen in the area associated with the new collection.

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